10 Free Educational Resources!

Hi everyone,

In response to the Coronavirus Pandemic and the large number of schools that are closing nationwide, we have decided to temporarily offer several of our History on Demand digital products to teachers for free. Our hope is that teachers can use these in aiding in virtual instruction for students that are out of school during this critical period and can then add them to their own library of digital resources when things return to normal. We are offering 10 free products across our spectrum of digital resources including PowerPoints, Video Guides, and Assessments. Please feel free to download any of these that resources that you find useful. Below are the resources:

Medieval Europe: Feudalism PowerPoint and Outline


World War One: PowerPoint and Guided Outline


Engineering an Empire: The Aztecs Video Guide with Teacher Key


Engineering an Empire: Rome Video Guide with Teacher Key


Engineering an Empire: Persia Video Guide with Teacher Key


The Dark Ages: Video Guide with Teacher Key


Ancient Egypt PowerPoint with Guided Outline


Ancient China PowerPoint with Guided Outline


Ancient Civilizations Test


Ancient Mesopotamia PowerPoint with Guided Outline


To check out more of our products please visit us online at: https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Store/History-On-Demand

May the Lord bless you and keep you during this time; I know that as a nation we will come out of this stronger than ever!


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